Jeroen Wesselink

Hi, Iʼm Jeroen en together with my family we try to travel as much as possible.
We simply love the world and its rich nature, especially the more remote and
quit places down under!
Whenever we go I take my drone with me to shoot the world from birdʼs-eye
prospective. For me this brings unique views of special places.

For I shoot all over the world to bring the best drone videoshots to
stock. I love to fly my drone and to share it with you!

With my one-man videobusiness ‘In vogelvlucht videoproductionsʼ I make all
kind of videos for companies. ʼIn vogelvluchtʼ is Dutch for ‘In a nutshellʼ but it
also means: ‘birdflightʼ as drone-footage is my cup of tea.

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